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GridMaster Free Pro
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Select Taxonomy
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Custom Post type 3 5
Grid Style 2 10
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– Infinite Scroll
– Load More
– Infinite Scroll
Show content from – Post Content
– Post Excerpt
– Post Content
– Post Excerpt
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Multipile Terms Selection
Column gap
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Taxonomy Auto Selection
Post Type Advanced Selection

Free Version Features:

  1. Essential Post Grid Functionality: The free version of Gridmaster provides all the essential features to create a functional and responsive post grid with ajax filtering.
  2. Shortcode Generator: Easily generate shortcodes for your post grids using the shortcode generator, simplifying the process of integrating grids into different sections of your website.
  3. Pre-Built Grid Layouts: The free version offers a selection of pre-built post grid layouts to get you started quickly, saving time on designing from scratch.
  4. Custom Post Type Support: Create post grids not only with default posts but also with custom post types, giving you the freedom to showcase diverse content.
  5. Posts Per Page Control: Decide the number of posts to display per page, offering flexibility in organizing content according to your preference.
  6. Order By/Order Options: Sort your posts based on various criteria like date, title, comment count, and more, in ascending or descending order.
  7. Excerpt Control: Tailor the display of post excerpts in your grid, selecting between excerpt or content as the source.
  8. Hide/Show Read More Button: Choose to show or hide the read more button, controlling the level of interactivity in your post grid.
  9. Filter Style Options: Enjoy three filter style options, allowing you to tailor the filter appearance to match your website’s design.
  10. Custom Taxonomy Support: Create post grids based on custom taxonomy, making it easier for users to filter content based on specific categories or tags.
  11. Ajax Pagination and Load More Button: Enable ajax pagination or load more button functionality for smoother navigation through multiple pages of posts.

Pro Version Benefits:

  1. Pro Filter Styles: With the Pro version of Gridmaster, you gain access to additional filter styles, allowing you to customize the appearance of your post grid even further.
  2. Pro Grid Layouts: The Pro version includes more pre-built post grid layouts, offering you greater flexibility in designing unique and visually appealing grids.
  3. Auto Select Taxonomy: Pro users can take advantage of the auto-select taxonomy feature, which automatically selects the appropriate taxonomy when visitors land on specific taxonomy pages.
  4. Custom Taxonomy Terms: Show selected taxonomy terms only in the filter, providing a more tailored and targeted user experience.
  5. Initial Term on Page Load: Automatically display the post grid based on the initial term when visitors load the page, streamlining the browsing experience.
  6. Auto-Select Initial Term: The Pro version lets you auto-select the initial term when users visit the term page, enhancing user engagement and navigation.
  7. Allow Multiple Selection: Enable users to select multiple terms in the filter, allowing them to view posts from different categories or tags simultaneously.
  8. Auto Post Type Selection: Automatically select the post type when visitors land on specific post type pages, saving users time and effort.
  9. Column and Row Gap Control: Take precise control over the spacing between columns and rows in your post grid for a more polished and professional layout.
  10. Customizable Read More Button Text: Customize the text of the read more button, ensuring it aligns with your website’s branding and messaging.
  11. Premium Support: Pro users receive priority support, ensuring that any questions or issues are addressed promptly and effectively.

Both versions of Gridmaster offer essential features to create stunning post grids, while the Pro version elevates your grid-building capabilities with added design options and enhanced user experiences. Choose the version that best fits your needs and take your post grid displays to the next level!

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