5 Best WordPress Themes for Bloggers in 2022

Best WordPress Themes for Bloggers in 2022

Alright! You’ve got your website set up on an awesome hosting plan and WordPress is installed and ready to go.

Let’s make your blog look good!

1. StudioPress (Foodie Pro)

Studiopress is hands down one of the top favorites amongst bloggers. If you want a variety of options to choose from, excellent optimization, SEO features, a consistently professional look, and plenty of supporting documentation, this is for you.

All of the themes are built on what is called the Genesis Framework (basically the bones of all the themes), which we have used for several of the blogs and web projects that we have worked on because it is SO reliable and so powerful.

Foodie Pro is our favorite for its clean appeal, but there are tons of other designs too.

Some quick facts:

– 35+ responsive themes
– 213,675+ customers
– 500,000+ WordPress sites powered by the Genesis Framework
-10,000+ active community members and Genesis developers
– Genesis Framework is Gutenberg ready (new WordPress editor)

2. Bluchic – Isabelle

Bluchic themes are a great option if you are looking for something feminine and super attractive. The strike “the perfect balance of beauty and simplicity.”

Whether you are a blogger, a seller, a VA, or a coach, there is literally something for everyone. All themes are optimized for e-commerce, and there is plenty of documentation and videos to help you get your theme set up to your liking!

3. Elegant Themes – Divi

Over 500,000 people use Elegant Themes, and for good reason. The Divi theme is is a Drag and Drop editor which is really useful for those that aren’t as familiar with web design.

There are over 87 beautiful themes for the price of one, INCLUDING 3 awesome plugins and Divi, the incredibly customizable visual page builder.


– Real-time design, excellent for beginners
– In-line editing, just click on your page and start typing to add new content
– Customizable UI
– Responsive Editing
– Drag and Drop, zoom in and out, rearrange as much as you desire

4. Restored 316 – Refined

If you are looking for the best feminine WordPress themes, Restored 316 has 17 GORGEOUS designs to choose from.

Seriously, they’re so pretty that they make us want to launch 17 more blogs just so we can use them all.

Restored 316 is perfect for the Girl Boss, the fempreneur, lifestyle bloggers, beauty and style bloggers, and more! These are made with the Genesis Framework, as discussed above, as the designer works in conjunction with Studiopress, but you can easily browse all of her work on her website as well.

All themes were created by a female designer with the mission of “making the internet beautiful one website at a time.” She’s certainly delivering. The themes are also more affordable than others because the team understands the desire to look amazing without dropping a huge sum of money.

Some other favorite themes by this designer include Beloved, Market, and Captivating.

These themes do require a self-hosted WordPress.org site.

5. Beautiful Dawn Designs – Enamored

If you are on the hunt for a clean and feminine look for your lifestyle blog or professional website, Beautiful Dawn Designs has 5 pretty themes to choose from.

Our favorite is Enamored, which happens to be their best seller.

This option has a theme customizer that is perfect for adjusting fonts and colors without accidentally messing up the code.

The designer, the Tiffany, is also known for her customer service skills, with many buyers reporting how helpful she is with any questions or concerns that arose with the theme or the installation! This is huge if you are a beginner!